About Me
Hi! I’m Ana, the artist of the Clan.
When I grow up...
I would like to be an artist/illustrator, but it is very hard to be successful in these endeavors. If I can’t earn a living doing these, I’d like to become an art teacher or an art historian.

Aquamarine is my favorite color.

I like Anime.

In June 2008 I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society!

I began drawing as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil! This is the first picture I published, which appeared in Dig magazine in 2003. I was 7 years old.

Click HERE for other published pieces of art.

As for music, my favorite bands are:

Fall Out Boy
Flogging Molly
My Chemical Romance

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What’s my name?
Anastasia Christiane
How old am I?
13 years old
When’s my birthday?
July 6th
How many siblings
do I have?
I have two sisters - Madeleine and Alessandra - and two brothers - Joseph and Aidan.
Do I have any pets?
Yep! I have 3 cats (Fuzzy, Homer and Sylvester), a turtle named Nimue, and a hermit crab named Ares. Click HERE to see them.
Which school am
I attending?
What grade am I?
8th Grade
Who’s my teacher?
Who are my best friends?
What am I studying?
What are my
favorite subjects?
Social Studies
What sports do I like?