My Graduation Speech
Parting Thoughts . . .
Hello, my name is Joseph Patrick Hayes, Jr. This year I am graduating from Forum to a high school in Brooklyn. I will miss this school since it has great lunches like spaghetti and cheese strombolis. I won’t discuss any more lunches since I’m getting hungry from talking about lunches. I will miss this school since I’ve been here about 8 years. I am amazed how fast time goes by in everything except Departmental. I will miss the Departmental since during the years I’ve been there a lot of exciting things happened. Like last summer [when] I joined the Boy Scouts and got a merit badge about a month later. And for a while [I] became the DJ for a gym class.
One of the most memorable things I remember while I was in Forum is when we went to New York to see the Phantom of the Opera. Another time I remember is when we went to see Sea Monsters 3-D at the IMAX Theater. Then there was the music show last year when the class did rock from the 1950’s to the present day. Our class did Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams, which turned out to be very popular with the school. The song that most of the class didn’t like was Crocodile Rock, by Elton John, which was the most popular song.
The people whom I would like to mention are Larry, the squirrel hater, my parents for getting me here, my bus driver and matron, and the rest of the teachers and other people I was with during these years. The kids I will mention helped me get settled in this school, Tyler W., who was one of my first friends when I came here, Jordyn C., who was one of my friends when I came to Joan’s class and was separated from Tyler and Naftoli S., who was my friend in Josette’s class. Well, I will miss this school.